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Store History:

Welcome to Porter's Army & Navy Store

We are proud to announce that we have been a family owned business since 1946. The business is now engaging in its 4th generation of family management.

Porter's was started as a War Surplus business in 1946 by Ed Porter. He soon sent for his father Everett Porter to come and run the business asking for help from his brothers who were scattered across the United States. In time Elmer, Leo, John, Joe, and Larry Porter all worked at the store. Elmer (Steve's father) managed the store for several years adding the pawn business establishing Irving's first Pawn shop. Soon Elmer chose to purchase the adjacent land and opened Irving Marine Supply while his brother Larry purchased the Army Navy/ Pawn business and ran it for the next 25 years. In 1979 Larry chose to retire and sold the store to Steve and Cindy Porter who are still the owners today.

Being a family owned business holds a lot of pride, honor and versatility. We are able to stock for our customers an open ended inventory of general sales items. Our store still upholds military surplus inventory and we endeavor to be one of the largest surplus dealers in the area. We have expanded the business to include hunting, camping, and fishing supplies, which encompasses tents, cots, sleeping bags, backpacks and more. We also offer work clothing, work and weather boots along with Carhart jackets and overalls. We are proud to be the local distributors for Boy Scout and Girls Scout supplies and uniforms. And last but not least don't forget the Pawn area including tools, jewelry, instruments, and so much more.

Our store has a unique culture that thrives on customer service. We truly care about our customers and are here to help you in any way. Once you enter or store you are never forgotten and will always be considered a valued customer. Please feel free to contact us at 972-579-1155 and let us know if we can help you find anything.

Our current management includes Steve Porter and Nick Porter. Part time family employees include Cindy, Nick, Melanie, and Travis Porter with additional help from Justin, Susan, and David Holcombe.

Thank You for sharing our history with us and have a wonderful day.

Family Tree by generation

1st Generation

Everett Porter

2nd Generation

Ed, Elmer, Larry, Leo, John, Joe

3rd Generation

Steve & Cindy Porter

Susan & David Holcombe

4th Generation

Nick, Melanie & Travis Porter

Justin Holcombe